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Les Papillons Blancs de Paris - APEI75

Les Papillons Blancs de Paris - APEI75

Logo Papillons Blancs de Paris Les Papillons Blancs de Paris - APEI75

Parisian association of parents and friends of mentally handicapped people created in 1949.

Most of the activities at the Papillons Blancs in Paris are organised by 280 volunteers. They are made up of parents, brothers and sisters but also people who are not directly connected with one of the handicapped.

It is common values that bring them together and the commitment to the cause for mentally handicapped people.  

Whether it is Down’s syndrome, autism, multiple disabilities or a rare disease, whether it is genetic, congenital, or accidental, these anomalies can turn families upside down and compromise the future of the person inflicted.

The association’s goal is to help all mentally handicapped people (children, adolescents, adults) and their families.