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Les Petits frères des Pauvres

Les Petits frères des Pauvres

Petits frères des pauvres Les Petits frères des Pauvres

This association was created in 1946 by Armand Marquiset.

Its aim is to help the elderly who suffer from loneliness and other problems of insecurity (physical, psychological, material, financial…).

Its missions are: 

  • Social measures for assisted people.
  • A mission of Civic actions.
  • A mission of pleas based on public opinion.

For more than sixty years, les petits frères des Pauvres has been an essential figure in the fight against the isolation of old people. Today one in three people over the age of sixty suffer from loneliness. Other than material assistance, the volunteers bring emotional support and a human touch to fighting loneliness and exclusion.