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Zup de Co encourages the academic success of children from underprivileged families.

Its action: During middle school years a tutorial program for young middle school pupils run by young volunteer students with the aim of helping them pass their Middle School Diploma. More than 1500 pupil/student pairs have been created over the past five years. More than 60 higher-education partners have joined with ZupdeCo (HEAD, Polytechnique, Essec, Paris Diderot University, IUT Orsay, Isc, Essca, ISARA, IGR, Tours University, Catholic University of Lille ...) and 35 middle schools benefit from the ZupdeCo program.

Its particularity: At the same time as the academic syllabus, there are tutorials organised to train and accompany the student in developing human and managerial talents. Having the capacity to commit themselves, to be adaptable, develop managerial skills, organise their work, personalise their CVs are all important advantages which make a difference to their future search for internships or employment.