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LL.M. in Labor & Employment Law

Issues and Practices of Labor and Employment Law

In the context of ever-evolving legislation and regulations, Labor and Employment law constitutes an important strategic challenge to businesses.

Today, lawyers in employment law cannot limit their skills to mere knowledge of the law.  Lawyers must also have the capacity to understand the issues and challenges facing companies, and to implement appropriate solutions.  Today, employment and labor law are tools that can be used to improve a company’s performance and to address issues regarding social responsibility : employee protection, the organization and negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the sale of the company, the relationships with unions, the guaranty of individual liberties….

The students of the LLM Labor and Employment Law learn to understand the workings of a company’s operations and its field of activity, and to be attuned to the needs of the all of the actors involved, in order to develop a proactive attitude in the face of  the changing world of business.


This LLM program is taught in bilingual (French/English) course of study.

The program proposed by HEAD distinguishes itself by its pragmatic and strategic approach to employment law, as it relates to the issues faced by companies and their social responsibility, in order to address the challenges of the business world.

Laurence Dumure Lambert, Partner Fieldfisher

The LLM Issues and Practices of Labor and Employment Law received the prize for Innovation for 2015-2016.

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The LLM Issues and Practices of Labor and Employment Law is targeted toward students who have earned a graduate degree in law and who wish to deepen their understanding of the inextricable links between employment law, corporate law and the workings of a company. 
It offers high-level training not only in employment law, but also in finance, accounting, marketing, management and human resource management. Its purpose is to train experts capable of preventing difficulties, and of advising and recommending the most appropriate solutions, in legal, financial and strategic terms, when difficulties cannot be averted.
The Mergers & Acquisitions axe also provides students with an understanding of the causes and consequences of structural changes inherent to corporate life and thus further readies them to enter the professional world.

> The academic year runs from September to May, and finishes with a mandatory 6-month internship. 

A practical approach

A practical approach to teaching that truly prepares students for the practice of law, whether that be in a law firm or in-house. The teaching focuses on the acquisition of not only theory, but also know-how.  Classes are taught by practitioners who are leaders in their fields, and prominent university professors. Moreover, participation in the Clinique de Droit provides students from HEAD the opportunity to work in collaboration with budding entrepreneurs at Ecole Polytechnique and La Ruche, which enables our students to put into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired, and to contribute to the realization of projects having great potential. 

A Multidisciplinary curriculum

An innovative, multidisciplinary approach to education, which is centered around core subjects and which responds directly to the requirements of legal practice (finance, marketing, management, strategy…). 

Individualized Support

Each student receives individualized support from the staff at HEAD, and has the opportunity to seek advice from professors and practitioners with whom they interact throughout the year.  Courses are selected “à la carte” in collaboration with an academic advisor in order to ensure that the objectives and interests of each student are met. Moreover, a mentor (either a partner in a law firm or a general counsel) is assigned to each student to accompany that student throughout the year in the development and implementation of his professional objectives.

An international environment

The mastery of English is a prerequisite to compete in the global market. Therefore,at HEAD a variety of courses are taught in English.Moreover, due to the diverse nature of the student body, which attracts students from around the world, our students learn professional English while continually practicing English in everyday life. Finally, we encourage students to take advantage of a plethora of opportunities to enhance their skill set (for example, international competitions, European associations, summer law school, LLM programs...).

A strong link to the professional world

Building a network is essential in the professional world. At HEAD, we promote a high level of interaction among our students and real-world role models including prominent lawyers, in-house counsel, business leaders and entrepreneurs throughout the year such that our students have the opportunity to establish valuable contacts. This interaction takes place on multiple dimensions including in the classroom, through tutoring, lectures and participation in the Law Clinic, and as a result of various partnerships and organized visits of law firms and global companies.... Finally, the alumni association, HEAD Alumni, allows students to meet and to interact with HEAD alumni, which is a critical first step in the building of a professional network in France and abroad.


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